Sanguine Skills
The art of Rebeka Skela


It all started with a cat...

Yes it did. It all started many years ago when this tiny fur ball appeared in my yard and decided to adopt me. As a nomadic type of person having a pet wasn't part of my plan, but my heart melted and she needed a home. Kitty and I have been through a lot since that first day; many insane vet bills, she was bullied by a cat named garbage dude, we moved from Oakland to Maine, to Puerto Rico and to New Orleans, she helped me get through depression and now she has a new Colombian dog friend called Marta.

So yes, Kitty deserved to have her moment of fame and have her little beast face on a T-shirt. Being a very photogenic cat I had many too choose from but this one really made her personality shine!


Kitty got Skelarized!! and I am very excited to share this beautiful t-shirt with you! At the moment I only have women sizes, and they do run small. Its a slim fit, very comfortable, 100% cotton, black t-shirt with a screen printed laughing kitty on it. Available in my online store and please make sure to measure yourself to get the perfect fit!

Rebeka Skela