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Published my first book!

I would like to introduce you to my first self published book; An Amazing and Advanced Alliteration Alphabet ! It is fully illustrated and written by yours truly. What is an alliteration? It is when every first letter of the word in a phrase starts with the same letter. Got it? Let me tell you, it wasn't a piece of cake. Every morning I woke up and began brainstorming on which ever letter of the alphabet I was on. Sometimes I already had an animal in mind, or a specific word I liked and wanted to work with. But making a cohesive sentence isn't always easy and as a result I spent much time digging through the dictionary.

image2(1) copy 3.JPG

This was really a new project for me and I discovered that I really enjoyed drawing these adorable little crazy creatures. The book took me a couple months to finish as I had other projects in progress, but it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me with my art.

This alphabet book is for all ages, it can teach little ones about animals and new words as well as be an entertaining tongue twister at a diner party with some friends! Check it out, buy a copy or two! and let me know what you think!

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