Sanguine Skills
The art of Rebeka Skela


Dreaming reality LARGE!

One of my ultimate goals in life is to skelarize the world. Nothing more and nothing less. I would like to travel and paint walls of every scale with bright rainbows of reality.


I was recently contacted by Galera Collective an art collective based in Delray, Florida who promotes artists of all sorts. They asked me to participate in this grandiose project involving 20+ artists to paint one of the biggest art walls in Wynwood, Miami during Art Basel. This would be for a new project called WYMAC to open up new wall spaces in the ever so famous area of Wynwood. "Are you serious?" was my first reaction. It's a dream come true! I have painted many murals but very few of my own art in my signature style. And yes they were serious, but being a very new organization the entire funding had to come out of my pocket. So I created a Go Fund Me page and managed to raise $1400 for plane tickets, transportation, food, accomodation and PAINT!!


When I arrived in front of the wall the dream became a very large reality. 25ft tall by 24ft wide of delicious wall goodness, just for me to do whatever I want! I quickly learned to use the cherry picker lift, piece of cake, and got to work. A challenge it was as I used only spray paint except for the skelarizing black lines, and painting along side of legends of the cans such as Insane51, STARVE, GRABSTER, REMOTE, was definitely an intimidating experience. However I stood my grounds and made my mark. My piece stands out in a unique way. Artivism, pop-surrealism and lowbrow define my message and aesthetic. Sticking to what is true to my heart while entertaining!

"Brain shakers" is the first of hopefully many murals to come.


A HUGE thank you to all my donors for making this possible! And another GIGANTIC thank you to Glayson and Griff the founders of Galera Collective for inviting me to participate!

Rebeka Skela