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Sanguine;  to be optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation

skill; the ability to do something well



I have always identified myself as a traveler, and have been one since a very early age. Born in France my parents took me to live around the world and the minute I was able to fly the coop I continued the journey of discovery, adaptation and packing bags. 

I studied Fine Arts at Ringling College of Art and Design, majoring in painting and printmaking, and after graduating in 2006 moved back to Europe to try out some new countries and picked up another language, adding spanish to my native french and english.. 4 years later I moved to California and became the head scenic artist at John Murray Productions, a company in the Bay Area. My love for sets and environments really grew at this point and after a steady 3 years of hard work, my suitcases got the itch to get packed again. I tried Maine, then Puerto Rico and currently reside in New Orleans, LA, where after recently quitting to focus solely on my artwaork, was the manager for Tresor Gallery. 

A long time ago when I was a little girl living in Malawi, Africa, a hyena came to my window at night and shared its secrets with me. Now everyone can react differently but for me this was the most magical experience I have ever had, and needless to say my love for nature grew wildly after that.  

Nature has always played an important part in my art since the very beginning. Using art as a voice, a shout for both monstrosities and beauties of this world. I enjoy sarcasm and dark humour to depict somewhat tragic realities. I mainly portray current events and animals faced with endangerment or worse, extinction. I use acrylic on panel or paper in various techniques such as airbrush and also the use of a quill to do all the line work for the skelarizing process. What is skelarizing you might ask? Well I am Skela and it’s the fragmented sectioning of living creatures, in this case mainly humans. No computers are used however the final outcome is intended to trick you into thinking it is digital, which discusses the subject of nature versus technology and society.  However my inner muralist needs its time too, and there is nothing like painting big. The results are 3D environments, with painted walls and cardboard layers creating a space in which I then disguise myself and take photos with a remote control. Selfies to the next level. Vanity is such an important part of our society whynot use it for a purpose. My colors are bold and bright radiating acidity and plasticity, animals are realistic and humans are grey and geometric filled with modern toxicity. But fear not, there is still hope! I do not paint doom but the birth of a new era of awareness. It's called morbid optimism. 



awards, shows and mural festivals

UPCOMING 2019 Akumal mural festival,

Wynwood mural fest, Miami FL

A-Wall, Miami FL

2019 SpraySeeMo, Kansas City, MO

Paint the town, Clarksdale MississippI

Paint Memphis, TN

2018 Rockin Print Shop, Mural, Greensboro NC

Akumal Mural Festival, Mexico

FOCUS, Lake worth, FL

TRack Side, Wynwood Miami, FL

Pikchur Magazine, Halloween Edition

Nola Mural Project, New Orleans LA

Sea of Change, Volcom & Pangeaseed, Austin TX

        Funeral Gallery, permanent artist, New Orleans La

2017 Galera Collective, Mural for Art Basel in Wynwood, Miami, fl

2016  Coaster Art show, La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles CA 

         Tresor Gallery, permanent artists, New Orleans LA 

2013  Krampusmas, 63 Bluxome Gallery, San Francisco,CA 

       Feast Your Demise, Abco ArtSpace, Oakland, CA  

2012  Friday Thirteen, Artful Tattoo shop, San Francisco, CA  

2011  Rebeka Skela, Disco Volante, Oakland, CA  

       The Tesseract, Ghosttown Gallery, Oakland, CA  

2010  Sketch Tuesdays, (regularly guest artist) 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco CA 

2009  Terres et Toiles, Office du Tourisme, Divonne, France 

        Relevant BCN magazine, January edition, Spain 

2008  Terra de ningu, Centro Polidor, St Adria, Spain 

2007  Fridolf doesn't weld, Metafora, Barcelona, Spain  

       SkelaBear puede matar, Belchica, Barcelona, Spain 

2006  Fine arts thesis show, Sarasota, FL,USA  

        Printmaking abraison, permanent collection, Verman Kimbrough library, Sarasota, FL, USA 

2005 The way we see it its not pretty, Crossley Gallery, FL, USA 

       President Award, Keating Center,FL, USA  

       Mind maps, Crossley Gallery, FL, USA 

       YAMA aesthetic award 

       Best of Ringling Show, Selby Gallery, Sarasota FL 

2004  Printmaking abraison, permanent collection, Verman Kimbrough library, FL, USA 

2003  Printmaking abraison, etching, permanent collection, Verman Kimbrough library, FL, USA 

2002  Le Collectif, Gallerie art d'aimer, Juan les pins, France  

1996   National Wildlife Reserve Annual Poster Competition, 1st place, Lilongwe, Malawi